Microsoft Will Stop Adding New Features to Its Windows Phone OS

Microsoft Windows Phone Stop Adding Features
Photo from Microsoft

In the world of smartphones, the first thing you would consider if you are going to purchase a new phone is probably the operating system and its ecosystem. Apple’s iOS or Google’s Android? But “unfortunately”, there will soon be one less mobile operating system in the market for you to choose. According to a tweet from Joe Belfiore, only small patches and security updates will be provided to the Windows Phone platform.

On 8 Oct, Joe Belfiore (Corporate Vice President at Microsoft) posted a tweet about the future development of Microsoft’s mobile operating system. Surprisingly, he confirmed that the mobile OS (Windows 10 Mobile), including both software and hardware, is not the main focus now for Microsoft.

Joe Belfiore assured current users that Microsoft will continue to offer them bug fixes and security updates, but no new features will be added in the near future.

According to other tweets and replies from Joe Belfiore, we know that Microsoft was having really big issues in attracting enough numbers of software developers to write applications specific for the OS. The amount of available apps is negligible comparing to Apple’s (iOS) and Google’s (Android), although they even tried to pay developers to code for them.

Microsoft Windows Phone Market ShareThe lack of hardware and software makes the installed base of apps too little, that no more companies are willing to invest in Windows Phone. Microsoft will start focusing on iOS (19%) and Android (74%), that the two platforms contain over 90% of market share in the world.

At this point, Microsoft has released their iOS and Android versions of Edge browser, as well as the Microsoft Launcher. They will be Microsoft’s new approach to the mobile industry.

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