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Tested Products

BrandModelSize (mm)Maximum RPMRGBReview Score
NoiseblockereLoop X B12X-P1202000Yes86
NoiseblockereLoop X B14X-P1401500Yes86
CRYORIGCRONA S1201700Yes83.33
CRYORIGCRONA X1201700Yes83.33
NoctuaNF-P12 redux1201700No81.67
RAIJINTEKIRIS 12 Rainbow1201800Yes76.67
  • “Maximum RPM” data is provided by the manufacturers.
  • “Review Score” is an average of the three categories (Unboxing, Performance, Value).

Testing Methodology

To determine the performance of the fan, we will measure both the airflow and CPU temperatures when using in heatsink, as well as its sound levels. An anemometer is used to record the fan’s airflow in various RPM ranges, including 25%, 50%, 75% and 100%. The results are measured in CFM (cubic feet per minute). The distance between the anemometer and the fan is kept at around 5 cm.

A decibel/sound level meter is also used to measure the fan’s operating noise at 1000 RPM, 50% and 100% fan speeds. Results are shown as dbA. Distance between the decibel meter and the fan is maintained at around 10 cm. Ambient sound level is at around 35 dbA.

The fan is then installed on the air cooler. The CPU, FPU and system cache are stressed using AIDA64. The temperature of the CPU package is recorded at full load when the fan is running at full speed.

TestbenchVersion 1Version 2
CPUAMD Ryzen 5 1600X @ 3.6 GHz (95W TDP)Intel Core i7-9700K @ 4.80 GHz @ 1.30 V (~150W TDP)
CPU CoolerNoctua NH-U12S (its review here)Noctua NH-U12S (its review here)
MotherboardMSI B350M GAMING PRO (its review here)ASRock Z370 Killer SLI
Thermal CompoundNoctua NT-H1Noctua NT-H1

Our Benchmark Results

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