Thermaltake Releases New Adjustable RGB Gaming Desk for $1199.99 USD

Thermaltake Level 20 RGB Battlestation Gaming Desk
Photo from Thermaltake

Height-adjustable desks, such as UPDESK, have gained more popularity over the years. Several PC peripheral manufacturers also create their own versions of gaming desks. Now, Thermaltake joins the competition with the new Level 20 RGB Battlestation Gaming Desk.

First revealed in Computex 2018, the desk has a footprint of 1.2375 square meters, with a length of 165 cm and width of 75 cm. It is height-adjustable through electric motors, which can change between 70 cm and 110 cm. The controller on the front can not only adjust the height, but also store up to four height memory settings. The aluminium/steel-constructed desk and motor can support weight up to 150 kg.

As a modern gaming gear in 2019, the Level 20 RGB Battlestation Gaming Desk of course has integrated RGB light strips around all four sides, which can be controlled via the iTake software and sync with other Thermaltake RGB PLUS products. The top of the desk is covered with mouse pad-like surface.

The Level 20 RGB Battlestation Gaming Desk is backed by a 2-year warranty and is available for purchase worldwide now. The desk is priced at a whopping $1199.99 USD (MSRP) though.

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