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Unboxing and Review of RAIJINTEK IRIS 12 Rainbow RGB Fan

RGB lighting has become a trend in PC building. A lot of components now add RGB as one of the main features. This time, we...

Unboxing and Review of RAIJINTEK LETO PRO RGB CPU Cooler

The LETO PRO RGB, is a tower-type CPU cooler from RAIJINTEK with the addition of two MACULA 12 RGB cooling fans. It is a...

Noctua Released Their Next-Generation NF-A12x25 Cooling Fans

After spending over 4 years of development, Noctua finally released their latest next-generation A series 120 mm cooling fans. The NF-A12x25 fans have some...

Unboxing and Review of Noctua NH-C14S CPU Cooler

If you PC case's height is not tall enough to fit a standard tower design CPU cooler, but you still want great cooling performance,...

Unboxing and Review of Noctua NH-L9x65 CPU Cooler

When you are building a small form-factor PC, you often do not have much choice to cool the processor effectively. You may have to...

Unboxing and Review of Noctua NH-D15S CPU Cooler

Sufficiently cool the computer's CPU is the number one task for every PC builder in the world, whether you have a low-power or unlocked/overclocked...

Unboxing and Review of Noctua Chromax Heatsink Covers (NA-HC)

Have you ever thought about customizing the appearance of your CPU cooler's heatsink? Some cooler manufacturers would paint their heatsinks before shipping to customers,...

Unboxing and Review of Noctua chromax.black.swap Fans (NF-F12, NF-S12A, NF-A14, NF-A15)

Without any doubt, Noctua's fans always perform remarkably and reliably. But their trademark "beige and brown" colors on almost every products make matching your...

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