AMD Ryzen 7 CPU Launches with Price and Performance

In June 2016, AMD released some information about their newest, long-waited generation CPU — Ryzen. AMD showed the world about how Ryzen is capable of competing with Intel. People have been waiting for so long that AMD can return to glory.

Finally, today, AMD unveils the Ryzen CPU detailed performance and prices of the top tier Ryzen 7 CPUs.

All the CPUs in the Ryzen 7 line-up are 8 cores, 16 threads. They are aimed to compete with Intel Core i7-7700k. i7-6800k and i7-6900k. According to AMD’s benchmark statistics, all Ryzen 7 CPUs match the i7 equivalents or even outperform them with a much lower price. A REAL LOWER PRICE !!

If the Ryzen CPUs are really what AMD claims it can be, then Intel may have to pay more attention to stay at the top of the processor industry.

The Ryzen 7 CPUs can be pre-order on various platforms in the world on February 22, 2017. They will be shipped starting from March 2, 2017.


AMD also teases about the upcoming releases of the mainstream Ryzen 3 and Ryzen 5 CPUs in later 2017. With AMD Ryzen launch coming, Intel starts making their products cheaper to stay competitive.

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