AMD Vega Frontier Edition’s Prices Revealed

AMD Vega Frontier Edition
AMD Vega Frontier Edition (Photo from Radeon Pro official website)

AMD has been teasing their next generation flagship – Vega for a long time. People do not know much about the specifications of the lineup, only some scattered rumours around the Internet. Until a couple weeks before, AMD introduced the Vega Frontier Edition cards, which are for 3D-rendering, machine learning and other computational tasks. Now, retailers from UK and US have revealed the price of the Vega Frontier Edition cards, and available to order.

AMD Vega Frontier Edition
AMD Vega Frontier Edition Air Cooled (Photo from Sabre PC website)

AMD Vega Frontier Edition
AMD Vega Frontier Edition Liquid-Cooled (Photo from Sabre PC website)

In Sabre PC website, the AMD Vega Frontier Edition Air-cooled card is priced at $1199 USD. The liquid-cooled version is $600 USD higher at $1799 USD. Both of the cards seems to be in stock and available to order. (in June 2017)

AMD Vega Frontier Edition

Although both cards are not at the same priced, they are in fact nearly identical in terms of specifications. Either the Vega Frontier Edition Air-cooled or the Liquid-cooled variant have the same number of Render Output Units (ROP), Stream Processors, Memory Size, Memory Type, Memory bandwidth and output ports. The only difference between the two cards is the slightly higher power consumption (TDP) of the Liquid-cooled card.

The AMD Vega Frontier Edition cards are not for gaming. The RX VEGA will be coming to the gaming market later with even higher performance (AMD claims that) and a cheaper price tag. However, we still do not have the exact specifications or release date of the product.

Apple iMac Pro will also be equipped with AMD Radeon Pro Vega GPUs.

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