Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 is Coming Back with a New Name

Samsung Galaxy Note Fan Edition
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In September 2016, Samsung released the Galaxy Note 7 that had a flawed battery design. This caused a massive world-wide recall, putting the Note series smartphone in a very bad position. Most analysts in the industry think Samsung may retire the whole lineup, replacing it with the Galaxy S Plus. But clearly, they are totally wrong about that.

What Happened?

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Explosion
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After the Note 7 was released, multiple incidents about the phone’s battery exploding happened around the globe. At first, Samsung claimed that this was just some isolated incidents, not a design flaw of the Note 7. Samsung let customers refund or replace the phone with a new one, said that one of their battery manufacturer (SDI) was the reason of producing the faulty batteries. However, more explosions still happened even with the replacement units. Samsung finally decided to stop the production of the Note 7 and recall every single one of them.

In January 2017, Samsung revealed the reason of the spontaneous explosion of the Galaxy Note 7.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Explosion
Photo from Samsung

The original Note 7’s batteries were deformed at the upper right corner. The negative electrode was deflected and the tip was not correctly located in the planar area. The positive and negative electrodes can make contact with each other, causing the explosion.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Explosion
Photo from Samsung

The batteries of the replacement Note 7 had problem with the welding of the manufacturer. Some welding burrs were left behind on the electrodes of the batteries. The material was able to penetrate the insulation and causing the battery to short circuit.

What Now?

Samsung Galaxy Note FE
Screen Capture of Samsung Korea

Samsung is releasing the refurbished Galaxy Note 7 to the public on July 7. Most of the internal hardware and specification are the same, except a smaller battery. It will not be called the Note 7, but the Samsung Galaxy Note FE. “FE” stands for “Fan Edition”. Currently, it will only be available in Korea, which will be limited to 400,000 units.

Samsung Galaxy Note FE

The “new” Galaxy Note FE is expected to used the original hardware of the Note 7, but with a new battery. Apart from the smaller battery capacity and updated Android OS, the Note FE is identical to the Note 7. The Note FE will undergo the stricter 8-point battery safety test.

The Note FE will be sold for about $605 USD (700,00 Won), about 30% cheaper than the original Note 7 (in Korea). With the Galaxy Note 8 coming in September, the older design may become a little out-dated, but it is better than just wasting all those recalled electronics.

Sources from Engadget, CNET and Samsung.

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