Sony Introduces A Neural Network Design Tool with Easy-To-Use Interface

Sony Neural Network Console

In today’s world, we rely more heavily on artificial intelligence to complete human-like actions. For example, there are Google’s board game AI (AlphaGo), Tesla self-driving cars, and Autopilot in airplanes. AI has already been widely using in our daily life, which is a lot more popular than most people think. Your smartphones, cars, and houses have implemented machine learning to do the assigned tasks.

However, normal AI with complex neural networks requires developers to have advanced coding knowledge and skills. Now (August 2017), Sony may be able to remove this limitation by releasing a neural network design tool with a simple graphical user interface (GUI).

The Neural Network Console is a tool for designing deep learning neural networks by Sony. Neural Network is a computer system that is structured like a human brain and neural system. The machine can “learn” to do certain tasks after studying thousands of examples, without specifying any instructions. This characteristic makes AI excel at analyzing huge amount of data, such as photo/speech recognition, prediction and data processing.

Sony Neural Network Console

The Neural Network Console can generate programs, that are capable of deep learning. Unlike Google’s TensorFlow, you do not need to enter code in the Console. It works like any ordinary computer program with a full graphical user interface. You only need to organize the neural network’s logic in a systematic way using your mouse (e.g drag and drop). After that, the Neural Network Console will export the resulting program using C++ and Python as the programming languages.

According to Sony, they have been using this tool to develop in-house deep learning software since 2015. A Real Estate Price Estimate Engine, the Xperia Ear’s gesture sensing function, and hand-writing recognition on the DPT-RP1 digital paper are some of the examples.

I think the Neural Network Console simplifies the process of modelling complex neural networks, making designing AI a lot more accessible to the general public. Not only trained specialists, but also anyone who are interested can try experiencing AI. This will definitely help in promoting AI around the globe.

The Neural Network Console is open for public to download. Moreover, the Neural Network Libraries is also open source.

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