Unboxing and Review of SilverStone Screw and Accessory Kit (CA02)

SilverStone Screw and Accessory Kit (CA02)

If you have every tried assembling a desktop computer, whether for work or for entertainment, you would notice that multiple types of screws and mounting hardware are needed. It can be very confusing for inexperienced DIY PC builders. SilverStone, a reputable PC accessories maker, offers a whole package of screws and accessories with the CA02 kit.


SilverStone Screw and Accessory Kit (CA02)

The package of the CA02 kit is extremely simple. The outside is just a plastic bag, with the dimensions and contents printed at the back. You can also find SilverStone‘s website and customer support email on the bag.

SilverStone Screw and Accessory Kit (CA02)

Unwrap the plastic, you will see all screws and accessories are sitting neatly in their separate compartments in a relatively rigid/sturdy plastic box. All names and usages of the screws are clearly printed on the lid of the box, including the exact Unified Thread Standard (like #6-32×6.5 and M3x4).


There are total of five different screws, one type of plastic washer and cable tie inside the CA02 kit.

SilverStone Screw and Accessory Kit (CA02)

On the left side, they are the #6-32×6.5 thumb-tightened motherboard standoffs. A standoff is used to hold the motherboard above the metal body of the PC case to prevent any short circuit or damage. Traditional standoffs provided by most case manufacturers require a special screwdriver bit to install. With these tool-less motherboard standoffs, you can install them in a faster and easier way with just your thumbs.

Additional #6-32 thumb screws for the case side panels or power supply are included, on the right side.

SilverStone Screw and Accessory Kit (CA02)

There are Φ5×10 fan screws on the left side, M3x4 screws in the middle and #6-32×5 screws on the right.

M3x4 standard screws are used to install optical disc drives and floppy drives, if you still use one. They are also used to mount any 2.5-inch hard drives/solid state drives to your PC case.

#6-32×5 screws are needed for general case mounting, such as 3.5-inch hard drives and power supply.

SilverStone Screw and Accessory Kit (CA02)

A pack of plastic washers are included, if you do not want to scratch the delicate surface of the components or prevent direct contact of metal and the printed circuit board (PCB). There are also reusable cable ties in the CA02 kit for better cable management. Unlike normal one-time use zip ties, these can be reused, which are more convenient when adding or removing cables inside the loop.

SilverStone Screw and Accessory Kit (CA02)

The CA02 box itself can be reconfigured to put any other type of screws and accessories. The separators can be relocated to create new larger compartments.


SilverStone Screw and Accessory Kit (CA02)

The SilverStone Screw and Accessory Kit (CA02) is suitable for both beginners and experienced PC builders. If you lose the pack of screws that come with the PC case, or you build a lot of computers for some reasons, this kit pretty much covers most of your needs in a well-organized box. For its price, you will not be disappointed in both use cases.

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