WhatsApp Introduces Verified Business Accounts

WhatsApp Verified Business Accounts
Photo from WhatsApp

It is very common for businesses nowadays to maintain multiple communication channels between customers. WhatsApp becomes one of the most popular instant messaging applications, with over one billion users every day. Businesses also start using WhatsApp for customer services. However, they are only using normal numbers that are not designed for this. Recently, WhatsApp is testing to implement verified business accounts, with some slight tweaks than ordinary accounts.



WhatsApp will be putting a green badge/tick next to the verified business accounts’ names, similar to those blue verified badges/ticks in Facebook and Instagram. This will let users to identify the business accounts.

You can do the exact same things like normal WhatsApp chats, using text, photos and voice messages. The only visual difference is the messages sent by business accounts will be colored in in yellow, instead of the original white chat bubble. Moreover, all messages (both you and the businesses) cannot be deleted. WhatsApp will notify users about that before they start the chats.

You will see your preset names of the businesses, if you have already saved their phone numbers in the contact/address book. Otherwise, WhatsApp will display the businesses’ own chosen names. Also, you can choose to block any message from businesses, if you think they are annoying.

WhatsApp is now limiting to a small amount of businesses for testing.

Another Source of Income?

Although WhatsApp is one of the largest instant messaging company in the world, it did not work very well to monetize. It tried to charge for subscription fees at first, after giving users one year of free trial, but stopped at the end. The verified business accounts may generate WhatsApp a decent amount of  profit, maybe by charging fees from businesses, if enough users are adopting it. Businesses can allow customers to not only communicate, but also make reservation, check real-time flight information, and much more.

Source from WhatsApp.

Update: Whatsapp Business App is now available.

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