We Are Implementing A New Testing Standard for Reviews

Unboxing Treatment Review Testing Standard

In Unboxing Treatment, product review is one of the most important parts, which we aim to provide you constructive and valuable content. We always hope the reviews give you the honest user experience, that will help you choose between different products. Therefore, we are now introducing a new testing standard/system for better understanding and easier comparison.


All hardware product reviews will now have three scores – Unboxing Experience/Package Content, Performance and Value. Each of them will reflect the actual experience when using the products in real life.

Review Badges

Based on the scores, badges will be given to the products, indicating whether we recommend them. A Must-Have Badge is given to product, if the overall score is larger than or equal to 90%. A Recommendation Badge is given to product with score from 70% to 90%, while an Acceptable Badge is given if the score is higher than 50% but lower than 70%.

The details of the testing standard can be found here. Future product reviews will be using the new standard, while old reviews will be updated soon.

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