Razer Teases its Upcoming Event on 1 November, Maybe A Smartphone

Razer unveiling its smartphone on 1 November
Screen Capture from Razer

In January 2017, the PC gaming laptop and peripheral manufacturer, Razer bought a smartphone startup, Nextbit. At that time, Nextbit had only designed and produced one model of smartphone, called the Nextbit Robin. The phone aimed to store almost everything to the cloud, including unused applications. The rumors of Razer creating a gaming-oriented smartphone never stop after the acquisition. Now, Razer teases us its next big move, maybe to the mobile industry.

On both Razer’s official website and its Twitter page, a picture of a man holding an unknown mobile device is posted. Behind the man are seemingly some screenshots of videos or games. Razer calls it their biggest unveiling on 1 November. Apart from the photo, there is not much information given about the upcoming launch event.

WATCH for our biggest unveiling…
👁️https://t.co/gwrwrxbhf9 pic.twitter.com/OyBFVocHOF

— RΛZΞR (@Razer) October 11, 2017

As Razer is known for its high-end gaming laptop (Razer Blade) and other gaming accessories, we can expect the smartphone to have some kinds of unique gaming-related features. A higher refresh rate display? A touch pad on the back? Physical buttons? What I am pretty sure about is the black and green color scheme on the device. Currently, the smartphone industry is crowded with well-established companies, such as Apple and Google. Can Razer get in and have a slice of this cake?

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