How to Speed Up Your Android Devices Without Installing Anything

Speed up Android OS animation

Unlike Apple’s iOS mobile operating system, Google’s Android OS is well-known for flexibility and its ability to customize freely. You can root your phone and load a custom ROM, like Resurrection Remix and LineageOS. It is especially helpful for an older device, which the manufacturer no longer offers any updates and patches. But in fact, there is a hidden feature/small trick in your device’s settings, that can speed up your phone without installing any software or rooting.

Developer OptionsSpeed up Android OS animation

In order to use the feature, you will first need to enable the “Developer options” for your Android device. Open settings and scroll all the way down to the bottom, or until you see “About phone“. Click into it and find your operating system build number. Simply click on “Build number” for five to ten times. A pop up message should appear and state that you are now a developer, which the development settings is enabled.

If you go back to the main settings menu, a “Developer options” submenu will show up.

Speed up Android OS animation

When you enter the “Developer options”, you will see tons of unusual options, such as GPU rendering and Android debugging. Please do NOT change any of those settings, unless you know what it does.

What we are going to change this time is at the “Drawing” section, the three animation scales. Window animation scale, Transition animation scale and Animator duration scale adjust all animation duration across the system, like opening pop-up windows/menu and switching between different screens or apps.

The default animation scale is set to 1x. The larger the scale number, the longer it takes the animation to complete. Therefore, if you want to speed up your phone’s animation, please choose the 0.5x for the scale number. All the animation will now take only half the amount of time than default to finish, immediately makes your new/old Android device feel a lot faster and responsive.


Speed up Android OS animation
Animation scale 1x (Left), 2x (Right)

You will clearly see the animation at the right take a longer time to complete. The phone looks slower in comparison.

Speed up Android OS animation
Animation scale 1x (Left), 0.5x (Right)

The right with a 0.5x animation scale opens the app switcher faster.

You will definite notice the difference in real life after changing the animation scale. This little trick should be available on almost any relatively modern Android devices (smartphones and tablets). It does not require to root the phone, and is extremely easy to do.

Of course, it will not make your device run/load apps faster, but it is worth trying out to speed up the user experience in just a few clicks.

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