Opera Browser Updated to Stop Websites from Mining Cryptocurrency

Opera 50 stop mining cryptocurrency
Photo from Opera

Some websites are using their visitors’ computers to help them mine cryptocurrency. This is called cryptojacking and was first found on the large torrenting site, the Pirate Bay. It becomes widely implemented in various websites, as an alternative revenue stream. Cryptojacking sites do not require visitors to download any software, and also do not provide options to stop it from running in the background. Now, Opera may have a solution to end this problem once and for all.

Your computers may suffer from overheating, increased power consumption and reduced hardware lifespan, when browsing on those specific websites. Because your CPU is pinned at 100% to mine cryptocurrency, as long as the browser is active.

From Opera:

Opera is the first major browser to add protection against cryptojacking.


Opera 50 stop mining cryptocurrency
Photo from Opera

Opera has updated its browser (version 50) to have a mining blocker. This feature is called “No Coin”, which is built into the browser’s ad blocker. It is automatically turned on by default. Opera browser will detect and block those cryptocurrency mining scripts on the website, based on a special NoCoin list, similar to any ad blockers (which block advertising scripts).

Opera 50 also adding features, such as Chromecast, improved built-in VPN and VR360 support for Oculus Rift. You can check the browser out from Opera.

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