Samsung Announces The 860 QVO QLC SATA SSDs

Samsung 860 QVO SSD

After 3D TLC NAND flash becomes the mainstream in the SSD market, major manufacturers are recently introducing QLC NAND, which would potentially reduces the cost per GB for SSDs. Intel and Crucial have already released their SSDs that equipped with QLC NAND flash earlier. Now, Samsung also adds the 860 QVO QLC SSDs to its lineup.

Different from Intel and Crucial, Samsung uses the traditional SATA 3.0 (6 Gbps) interface instead of the NVMe and PCIe. The 860 QVO is tested to have sequential read and write speeds at 550 MB/s and 520 MB/s respectively. For random operations, it has up to 97,000 IOPS/89,000 IOPS.

Because of using Quad-Level-Cell (QLC) NAND flash on the 860 QVO, the SSDs can achieve larger capacities at the same price. It can offer sizes up to 4 TB. However, QLC NAND flash will be less durable than TLC. The 860 QVO is rated for 360 TBW (1TB), 720 TBW (2TB) and 1440 TBW (4TB). Compared to Samsung’s own 860 EVO, the 1 TB models can afford up to 600 TBW, while 2 TB at 1200 TBW and 4 TB at 2400 TBW. The 860 QVO has 40% less Total Bytes Written than the 860 EVO, and 2 years less warranty period.

Though, the endurance of the QLC should be more than enough for average users. It allows manufacturers to release larger capacity SSDs at much lower prices that otherwise impossible. The 860 QVO is priced at $149.99 USD (MSRP) for the 1 TB model, and will be available on 16 December.

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