HyperX Expands Predator DDR4 RAM with 4266 MHz and 4600 MHz Kits

HyperX Preddator DDR4 RAM
Photo from HyperX

HyperX has announced two new memory variants to the existing Predator DDR4 RAM lineup. They further increase the frequency to 4266 MHz and 4600 MHz to let enthusiasts squeeze every bit of power from their system.

Kristy Ernt, DRAM business manager, HyperX:

The HyperX team is excited to offer Predator DDR4 for the next generation of PC enthusiasts who want the best performance from their systems,

The new versions will only come in a kit of 2 and 8 GB per module for a total capacity of 16 GB. The 4266 MHz kit can run at its full speed with 1.4V and timings of 19-26-26, while the 4600 MHz kit will require more voltage at 1.5V with the same 19-26-26 timings.

Both RAM kits will have certified XMP profiles for the latest Intel and AMD motherboard chipsets. They will also be backed by a lifetime warranty. The 4266 MHz kit will cost about $267 USD (MSRP), and the 4600 MHz kit will cost $611 USD (MSRP).

You can now purchase the kits from online/local retailers worldwide or from HyperX directly.

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