NVIDIA Releases New GeForce GPU Drivers to Add 23% More Performance

NVIDIA GeForce GPU Drivers 436.02

NVIDIA releases an unexpected GeForce GPU drivers update, version 436.02, in Gamerscom 2019. It includes a series of optimizations for popular games, as well as several new beta features.

According to NVIDIA, user will have up to 23% better framerates than previous drivers in those games. Apex Legends and Forza Horizon 4 get the most improvements in performance with around 10% to 20% across different resolutions and graphics cards, while both Battlefield V, Strange Brigade and World War Z are under 10%.

NVIDIA also introduces Ultra-Low Latency mode, GPU Integer Scaling and Freestyle Sharpening Filter to the public. All features are currently in beta only. Similar to AMD Radeon Anti-Lag, the Ultra-Low Latency mode reduces the number of frames in the render queue and improves on input latency by up to 33%. For Turing-based GPUs, Integer Scaling is able to upscale old lower-resolution retro games, for modern displays.

For more information, you can check out the release notes or download the GeForce drivers at NVIDIA’s website.

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