Unboxing and Review of ColorWare Skin for Samsung Galaxy Note 10+

ColorWare Skin for Samsung Galaxy Note 10+

ColorWare, the company that is well-known for its custom-painted gadgets, has kindly provided us a couple sets of the smartphone skins for my newly purchased Samsung Galaxy Note 10+. Let’s see how they fit.

ColorWare offers skins/vinyl wraps for smartphones, tablets, laptops and gaming consoles from Apple, Samsung and Google, mostly big-name brands. You can choose up to 50 options in different patterns, colors and finishes.

ColorWare Skin for Samsung Galaxy Note 10+

There are two back skins and two camera skins for the Galaxy Note 10+ in our order, which each costs $14 USD and $1 USD respectively. At the time of this review, ColorWare is now on their Black Friday Sale, and all skins are 50% off.


ColorWare Skin for Samsung Galaxy Note 10+

The ColorWare skins come in a plastic bag to prevent damages during shipping. There is a large sticker at the back, notifying users not to remove the skins from the paper backer if they need to return them for a refund. It is advised to watch the instructional video before applying the skins to your smartphone.

ColorWare Skin for Samsung Galaxy Note 10+

Each back skin also includes the camera skin in the same design/color. Other purchased camera skins will be separated on another sheets.

ColorWare Skin for Samsung Galaxy Note 10+

A ColorWare-branded microfiber cloth and a alcohol cleaning pad are provided to wipe your smartphone.

ColorWare Skin for Samsung Galaxy Note 10+


Applying the skins to the Note 10+ is easy, because of its mostly flat glass surface. First of all, you will need to use the included microfiber cloth and alcohol pad to remove any dust and grease on the phone. Follow the in-video instructions and align the skin carefully around the camera cutouts. You will require a hair dryer to soften up the skin to fit the curved portions of the phone. It would only take around 30 minutes to complete the application.


ColorWare Skin for Samsung Galaxy Note 10+

Cutouts around the camera lens, LED flash and sensors are precisely cut to allow them to function properly. The edges form smoothly along the sides. The “Tracer” skin has a matte finish on top. I think the spider web-like pattern looks really cool under all lighting conditions.

ColorWare Skin for Samsung Galaxy Note 10+

The whole glass surface is covered by the skin, but the aluminum frame is not. The USB Type-C ports and speaker grill will not be obstructed and can be accessed at all times.


In my experience, the ColorWare skin is durable and remains clean without discoloring through months of usage. The skin shows no sign of peeling off, once it is correctly applied.


Unboxing Treatment Recommendation

The ColorWare skin for the Galaxy Note 10+ is awesome, if you want to provide some sort of protection to your phone, but don’t like the added bulk of a case. ColorWare offers one of the most color and pattern options in the market. You can certainly customize the smartphone and find the right skin with ease.

The skin definitely does not have any drop and impact protection like a thick rubber case. However, it does a pretty decent job in hiding fingerprints and preventing minor scratches. Depending on what skin you choose, the skin can greatly improve the grip of the phone and minimize the chance of dropping it.

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  1. I have a question. I have used dBrand as well. M The problem I see that these skins still keep the phone slippery from back. Isn’t the case with this too?

    • It will mostly depend on which patterns/styles of the skin you choose. Matte finish may be more slippery than those with glossy finish. Both of the ColorWare and dbrand skins use material from 3M. For my experience, I don’t find the skins to be particularly slippery.


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