How to Enter Safe Mode in Windows 10

Safe Mode is an important tool in Windows to help users troubleshoot issues, like conflicting software and drivers. In older Windows 7 and 8 versions, simply pressing “F8” during the boot sequence will get you into Safe Mode. However, it becomes slightly trickier in Windows 10.


Windows 10 Safe Mode

If you can get into the operating system normally, click “Restart” in the start menu’s power settings, while holding your keyboard’s “Shift” key. If you cannot boot into Windows correctly two times in a row, it should send you into recovery mode automatically.

Windows 10 Safe Mode

After the computer restarts, you should see a list of options appeared.

  • Click “Troubeshoot” to continue.

Windows 10 Safe Mode

  • Select “Advanced options” to see more settings.

Windows 10 Safe Mode

  • Click “Startup Settings” on the Advanced options tab.

Windows 10 Safe Mode

You will need to reboot to allow the alternative startup options to show.

  • Press the “Restart” button.

Windows 10 Safe Mode

The system will restart again with a list of startup mode. Press the corresponding number to proceed. If you want to enable the regular Safe Mode, you will need to press the “4” key.

The computer will then enter Safe Mode. You can remove the problematic software or update the drivers. On the next restart, the OS will be booted into normal Windows.

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