AMD Ryzen 5 CPUs will be launching in April 2017

As we all know from the event by AMD, the Ryzen 7 CPUs are the top of the line processors with 8 cores and 16 threads. We get the performance numbers and the prices of them, too. However, we hear nothing about the mainstream line-up CPUs — the Ryzen 5 and Ryzen 3.

AMD Ryzen 5 CPUs will be released in Q2 2017

There is now not much information about both the Ryzen 3 or Ryzen 5 processors at this point. It is confirmed that Ryzen 5 will be released in Q2 2017 (April to June), and the Ryzen 3 will be in the second half of 2017.

AMD Ryzen 5 CPUs will be released in Q2 2017
Ryzen 5 1600X  6C,12T, 3.6Ghz, 4.0Ghz Turbo


AMD Ryzen 5 CPUs will be released in Q2 2017
Comparing with Intel Core i5-7600K, 69% higher score

The Ryzen 5 CPUs will have 6 cores, 12 Threads, up to 4.0 Ghz Turbo boost frequency. This tier of processors is aiming the majority of the mainstream consumers, which is directly competing with Intel’s Core i5 line of products.

AMD Ryzen 5 CPUs will be released in Q2 2017

How the Ryzen 3 and Ryzen 5 CPUs will perform is still kept in secret by AMD. But if it at least matches the level of the Intel’s equivalents, we will have a whole new market and competition going on in the not too distant future.



AMD Ryzen 5

The AMD Ryzen 5 CPUs will be available worldwide on the 11th April, 2017.

AMD Ryzen 5
AMD Ryzen 5’s prices ranging from $169 up to $249 USD

As the mainstream tier of processors in Ryzen, the Ryzen 5 have at least 4 cores, 8 threads, and a maximum of 6 cores, 12 threads. The 4 cores variants have a boost clock speed up to 3.7 GHz, while the 8 cores can boost to 4.0 GHz.

The prices of the Ryzen 5 are set very competitively. With the +69% performance than the Intel Core i5-7600K that AMD claims, the highest clocked Ryzen 5 1600X is priced similarly. The 1600X has 2 more cores, 4 more threads, but a slightly lower clock speed (200MHz).

For such an aggressive pricing, the Ryzen 5 CPUs are more accessible to mainstream gamers and casual users that do not require Ryzen 7‘s higher performance.

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