Huge Price Drops for Intel’s CPUs to combat AMD Ryzen !!


Intel's processors start to have price drops.
The higher end Core i7 models have up to $300 USD price cut on Micro Center.

According to the prices shown on Micro Center, most of the recent generations CPUs (Broadwell-E, Skylake and Kaby Lake) are having a massive price cut, including the highest end model (i7-6950X). It is believed that Intel has started to react with the launch of the AMD Ryzen 7 CPUs on 02 March.

Details of the Price Drops (in February 2017):

i7-6950X ($300 Less)
i7-6900K ($200 Less)
i7-6850K ($150 Less)
i7-6800K ($140 Less)
i7-5820K ($100 Less)
i7-7700K ($80 Less)
i7-6700K ($140 Less)
i7-4790K ($90 Less)
i7-7700 ($50 Less)
i7-6700 ($90 Less)
i5-7600K ($70 Less)
i5-6600K ($90 Less)
i5-4690K ($70 Less)
i5-7500 ($30 Less)
i5-6500 ($50 Less)
i5-4590 ($60 Less)
i3-7350K ($20 Less)
i3-7100 ($15 Less)
i3-6100 ($20 Less)
G4400 ($20 Less)
G3258 ($27 Less)
The Price drops are from $15 USD up to $300 USD.
Intel's processors start to have price drops.


Intel's processors start to have price drops.
The prices on other online stores are not yet adjusted, but if Intel wants to stay competitive with AMD, more retailers must begin to change the prices to attract consumers. Now, Intel has made its first move to start the 2017 CPU’s Price War, which is always beneficial to every consumers.

The price drop for the Intel CPUs seems to be only happening in Micro Center, not a world-wide strategy for Intel.

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