AMD Threadripper 1900X CPU Is Opened for Sale in India

AMD Threadripper 1900X CPU
Screen Capture from PrimeABGB

In early August, the long-waited AMD’s Threadripper processors, 1920X and 1950X, were finally available for everyone to purchase. This is the first move for AMD to take on the high-end desktop (HEDT) processors, PC enthusiasts market. Moreover, AMD announced a new member in the Threadripper lineup in late July, the 1900X. It is a 8 cores, 16 threads CPU that fits in the more powerful X399 chipset. Now, it is opened for sale in India, which is slightly earlier than the expected release date (31 August).

AMD Threadripper 1900X CPU
Prices shown are the MSRP

The Threadripper 1900X is of course using the same TR4 CPU socket like the 1920X. Same as the mainstream Ryzen 7 1700X and 1800X, it has 8 cores, 16 threads, paired with 16 MB of L3 cache. The main difference between the three processors are clock speed, memory channel setup, and number of PCIe lanes. The Threadripper 1900X is equipped with 64 PCIe lanes and quad-channel memory. It is clocked a little higher in the base frequency at 3.80 GHz.

You may want to know why pay more to get the same 8-core CPU (1900X). Although the Threadripper 1900X has the same number of cores and threads as the Ryzen 7 CPUs, you can get more than double the amount of PCIe lanes and quad-channel memory support. It is extremely helpful for people requiring tons of expansion cards, such as graphics cards and PCIe NVMe SSDs. You can utilize those add-in cards with more flexibility, without the need to purchase more CPU cores than necessary and more power consumption.

In the India’s online computer hardware store, PrimeABGB, the Threadripper 1900X is priced at ₹45,699 (Indian Rupee), which is equal to about $715 USD. The price is much higher than the MSRP. This may due to higher profit margins of retailers and taxes. The other two Threadripper processors are also priced pretty high at ₹65,488 (1920X) and ₹82,999 (1950X) respectively.

Sources from PrimeABGB and TechPowerUp.

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