Apple Released Security Update for macOS to Fix Root Admin Authentication Bug

Apple macOS Security Update 2017-001
It had been a very tough week for Apple, because of multiple software bugs inside both their mobile (iOS) and desktop (macOS) operating system. The iOS 11.2 update is already available to download, fixing the unexpected crash on 2 December. And the latest macOS Security Update 2017-001 is hoped to deal with the serious root admin authentication problem in macOS High Sierra.

Earlier, software developer, Lemi Orhan Ergin, found an security exploit in macOS High Sierra. It allowed anyone to “bypass” the authentication in the OS and gain full administrator access, by typing “root” as User Name and leave the Password empty. This method will work on system prompts, and even login screen.
Apple macOS Security Update 2017-001
Fortunately, Apple released a new Security Update quickly in 24 hours, that is specifically targeted at the above bug in the system. The update is available on macOS 10.13 and 10.13.1. Please be reminded that you will need to reboot your system in order to apply the update correctly.
Some users reported that the security update would create problems in using the file sharing function. Apple published a guide to repair it in their support website.
Find more information about the macOS update from Apple.

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