Microsoft Added Photosynth to Its iOS-Exclusive Pix Camera App

Microsoft Pix Camera App with Photosynth
Photo from Microsoft

Earlier in October, Microsoft announced that they will start shifting their efforts and focus away from making smartphones (hardware), but towards software. They introduced the Microsoft Launcher for Android and the Edge mobile browser. Now, they added the already shut-down service, Photosynth, back to the Pix Camera app for iOS.

The Pix Camera App was first launched in July 2017, and is only available on iOS platform. It is “smart” camera app developed by Microsoft, that different artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms are implemented to generate higher quality photos. According to Microsoft, the Pix app can provide better and more accurate exposure and white balance, as well as smoother video stabilization than the iOS stock camera app.

Microsoft Pix Camera App with Photosynth
Photo from Microsoft

The recently updated Pix Camera app, can now take panorama photos using the Microsoft’s Photosynth technology. Photosynth was originally a separate service, but was discontinued in February 2017. Although the stock camera app on iOS can already take panorama photos, the Pix app can capture both a wider and taller photos. It allows users to capture the whole scenery in one single photo.

The latest version of Pix Camera also lets users make video into a comic strip, called Pix Comix. You can know more about this particular update at Microsoft’s blog. You can download the app on the App Store.

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