Google Removed The “View Image” Button From Its Search Results

Google Image Search Results
Screen Capture from Google

Have you ever used the “view image” button, when you are searching for some photos/pictures on Google? It is a convenient way for users to access the full resolution of the selected image. From now on, Google does not provide the direct links to directly view the image from its search results anymore.

Google is doing this mostly because of its legal settlement with Getty Images, to stop or reduce copyright infringements. The “view image” button had made stealing photos from their original publishers/photographers too simple and easy, without any proper licenses/permissions. You will need to take a couple more extra steps to save the images.

You will still be able to use the “visit” button to go to where the images are located. The copyright information and attribution will now be more prominent in the search results. Google’s move may not be favorable in most users’ eyes, but this is in the right direction for all content creators.

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