Intel Core i9-8950HK Mobile Processor Leaked, With 6 Cores and 12 Threads

Intel Core i9-8950HK Mobile Processor
Photo from Intel

Earlier in November 2017, there were already rumors about Intel making their Core i9 Extreme edition processors available for high-end notebooks. The CPUs will be based on the latest Coffee Lake architecture, not the desktop variants’ Skylake or Kaby Lake. Now, more information about the processors in this SKU, the i9-8950HK was leaked.

A leak from 3DMark was recently found by Videocardz, that the Core i9-8950HK was shown in one of MSI’s notebooks. According to the leaked specifications, the processor has 6 cores and 12 threads with a base clock of 2.9 GHz. The boost clock can go up to 3.9 GHz, and is expected to have unlocked multiplier, meaning an overclockable CPU.

The MSI laptop in the leak should be a high performance gaming computer. It features the aforementioned i9-8950HK CPU and two GTX 1080 GPU in SLI, with 32GB of RAM and SSDs in Raid 0.


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