Microsoft Has Managed to Reduce Windows Update Time to 30 Minutes

Microsoft Windows 10 Update
Photo from Microsoft

Windows updates normally take quite a large amount of time to download and install, temporarily making your computer unusable (offline). This becomes more annoying when Windows 10 will force users to update automatically. Apparently, Microsoft also notices the issue and announces that future Windows update installation will need significantly less time than before.

According to Microsoft, the average offline installation time for current Windows updates is about 82 minutes. The Fall Creators Update released in October 2017 required 58 minutes. Now, Microsoft is able to further reduce the time to 30 minutes, by moving more portions of the installation process online, instead of offline. When Windows update is in its online phase, every task is done in the background and users can continue to use the computer normally. On the other hand, users will have to stop their work, because the operating system is not available during the offline phase.

Microsoft says these changes in Windows update installation should not be noticeable to the majority of users. The setup process will be run at low priority to reduce system performance or battery life impact.

The new implementation for the Windows update is currently only available for the Insider Program. Microsoft is expected to rollout the new changes to the public in the upcoming Spring Creators Update. For more information about this, you can visit Microsoft’s blog post.

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