New SD Express Memory Card Can Reach Up to 985 MB/s Transfer Speed

SDUC and SD Express Card

Today, the SD Association announced the next generation SD 7.0 specification, as well as a new memory card standard. Both transfer speed and capacity will get a considerable improvement.

A new standard called SD Express is introduced, which allows the the current SD interface to use PCIe interface and NVMe protocol to transfer data. This change offers a maximum throughput of up to 985 MB/s, which is even higher than a SATA SSD. The increase in speed will let users to handle raw images and high resolution videos (4K and 8K) more easily and efficiently.

On the other hand, SD Ultra Capacity (SDUC) memory card is also announced with maximum capacity of up to 128 TB. Previous SDXC card can only store data up to 2 TB, 64 times less than the new SDUC card.

All new SD and microSD cards will remain the full backwards compatibility, in case the device does not support the new SD 7.0 specification. The new SD Express standard will be available on SDXC, SDUC and SDHC cards.

For more information, you can visit SD Association’s website or its press release.

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