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Universal Flash Storage (UFS) Explained

What is UFS? UFS or Universal Flash Storage is a newer flash memory specification, with the intention to replace the slower eMMC (embedded MultiMedia...
Microsoft Windows Diskpart Command

How to Format Your Drive with DiskPart Command in Windows

Sometimes, storage devices will stop functioning normally, due to incorrectly-configured partition, data corruption or more. It is common to see this problem in Windows,...

Kingston Releases High Endurance microSD Cards

Kingston has recently introduced a new lineup of microSD cards, focusing on high endurance. Compared to other normal cards, it is tested to operate...

Micron And SanDisk Both Announce Their First 1TB microSD Cards

Smartphones and other mobile devices, that are able to support up to 2 TB of expandable storage via microSD cards, are available since 2016....

New SD Express Memory Card Can Reach Up to 985 MB/s Transfer Speed

Today, the SD Association announced the next generation SD 7.0 specification, as well as a new memory card standard. Both transfer speed and capacity...

Western Digital Released New Purple microSD Card, Specifically Built for Surveillance

Generally, microSD card is not considered as an extremely reliable form of storage media. It is not recommend to keep any mission-critical data inside...

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