Valve Has Modified Its Steam Link iOS App to Fit Apple’s Guidelines

Valve Steam Link iOS App

Valve announced the release of a mobile streaming app for both iOS and Android in May, called Steam Link. The app is designed to allow devices, like smartphones and tablets, to play PC games by connecting via wireless 5 GHz Wi-Fi or wired Ethernet network. However, Apple shortly rejected the app to launch on the App Store, due to “Business Conflict”.

It is believed that the Steam Link app for iOS offered users to buy games through Steam. This obviously broke Apple’s guidelines of not allowing in-app purchases outside the App Store, which Apple will not be able to take a 30% revenue cut for each sale. Fortunately, Apple has revised and clarified the App Store review rules for developers at WWDC 2018.

New guidelines state that mirroring app (4.2.7 Remote Application Mirroring), such as the aforementioned Steam Link app, should not provide a store-like interface and the ability to browse and purchase any software. It is acceptable if the transactions happen at the host device/PC, the developers are not required to use the in-app purchase.

And according to TouchArcade, the latest beta version of Steam Link app for iOS has already remove the in-app game purchasing function. When you want to buy anything, a message, “available for purchase from your PC”, will be shown. You can still use the funds inside your existing steam wallet. Apple in fact did say it is working with Valve to solve this situation. It seems like the Steam Link app will soon be up on App Store, after the above changes have been implemented.

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