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SteamVR on HP Reverb G2 VR Headset

How to Set Up SteamVR on HP Reverb G2 VR Headset

As a Windows Mixed Reality (WMR) headset, the HP Reverb G2 may require some additional steps to be properly configured for SteamVR. Steam is...
HP Reverb G2 VR Headset (WMR)

Unboxing of HP Reverb G2 VR Headset (WMR)

Announced in late 2020, the Reverb G2 is the 2nd generation VR/WMR headset from HP. It is upgraded with new optics, controllers and more...

Steam Remote Play Together Is Now in Beta for Everyone

After the announcement in about two weeks ago, Steam now decides to roll out its new forced co-op feature in beta, which is called...

How to Set Up Steam In-Home Streaming

Have you ever thought of playing PC games on a different location? Maybe using the large screen TV in the living room? It will...

Valve Has Modified Its Steam Link iOS App to Fit Apple’s Guidelines

Valve announced the release of a mobile streaming app for both iOS and Android in May, called Steam Link. The app is designed to...

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