Light Is Going to Release A Smartphone with 9 Cameras in 2018

Light 9-Camera Smartphone Prototype
Photo from The Washington Post

If you have followed tech news in recent years, you would probably know the weird-looking and expensive Light L16 Camera. It is an Android-powered portable camera system, with 16 camera modules in different focal lengths. According to The Washington Post, Light will be releasing a multi-lens smartphone in late 2018, and currently working on a prototype with 9 cameras.

Most flagship smartphones now features a dual-camera system, which are generally used to capture depth data for portrait/bokeh photos, or monochrome pixels for sharper images. The 9-camera array used by Light are all located on the back. It can take photos at resolution up to 64 megapixel and have better low-light performance.

Light L16 camera
Light L16 Camera, Screen Capture from Light

If the Light’s upcoming smartphone have similar capabilities from its big brother L16 camera, it would be a huge step forward for mobile photography. The L16 can offer up to 5x optical zoom for loseless zoom-in, and provide a more detail depth map for bokeh effects. However, Light would need to cut the designing and manufacturing cost for the smartphone down a lot, because the L16 retails for $1950 USD.

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