AMD Reveals Details about The Upcoming Zen 2 CPU Architecture

AMD Zen 2 CPU Architecture

In 2018, AMD releases a number of new Ryzen 2 and Threadripper 2 CPUs with the updated Zen+ micro-architecture. Zen+ has slightly better efficiency and optimization over the original Zen. Now, AMD has revealed more information about the upcoming Zen 2 architecture for future processors, which will be a major update.

According to AMD, the Zen 2 CPUs will be using the 7 nm process node, manufactured by TSMC, instead of GlobalFoundaries. This will offer various benefits over larger 12 nm or 10 nm process nodes.

AMD Zen 2 CPU Architecture

Due to the decrease in transistors’ sizes, a smaller process node will enable AMD to put more transistors inside the same piece of silicon, doubling the density of previous generation. Or AMD can produce the chips with similar performance, but will consume about half the amount of power.

AMD Zen 2 CPU Architecture

Compared to Zen/Zen+, Zen 2 features an improved execution pipeline, that can feed the compute engines more efficiently. It has doubled the core density, which can have more CPU cores at the same power. Zen 2 also emphasizes in having a more robust security design. It includes hardware-level enhancements that mitigate the Spectre vulnerabilities.

AMD is now sampling with the 7 nm Zen 2 processors, and should be able to release in 2019. At the same time, the 7 nm+ Zen 3 chips are on track to launch in 2020, while Zen 4 architecture is in development.

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