There Are Now Over 800 Million Active Windows 10 Devices

Microsoft Windows 10
Screen Capture from Microsoft

In early 2018, Windows 10 had surpassed the older Windows 7’s worldwide market share for the first time. It is crucial for Microsoft to push more users to the latest Windows 10, because the official support for Windows 7 will be ended in 2020. Now, the company’s Vice President, Yusuf Mehdi, has announced that there are now over 800 million active Windows 10 machines.

In November 2017, there were about 600 million devices running on Windows 10, after 2 years of release. The number increases to 800 million within another 16 months, which is a big milestone. Also, Windows 10 is the operating system with the highest customer satisfaction ever. However, Microsoft original goal is to reach 1 billion users within two to three years, when they first unveiled Windows 10 in 2015.

With Windows 7 approaching its End-of-Support date, the market share of Windows 10 should see a noticeable increase, unless people are willing to pay to extend support till 2023.

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