Unboxing and Review of Corsair M55 RGB PRO Gaming Mouse

Corsair M55 RGB PRO Gaming Mouse

In April and June 2019, Corsair released a series of gaming mice to the market, including the M55 RGB PRO in this review. Unlike GLAIVE RGB PRO and NIGHTSWORD RGB, it is a more affordable and left-handed friendly mouse.


Corsair M55 RGB PRO Gaming Mouse

The packaging of the M55 RGB PRO is mostly colored in bright yellow, with multiple photos of the mouse. At the front, you can find the CORSAIR logo, iCUE logo and the model name. A few main key features and basic system requirements are also mentioned.

Corsair M55 RGB PRO Gaming Mouse

The side of the box contains the side view of the M55 RGB PRO and Corsair’s tagline, “CONTROL FREAK”.

Corsair M55 RGB PRO Gaming Mouse

Apart from the warranty and quick start guides, there is not much accessories inside the box.

Corsair M55 RGB PRO Gaming Mouse

Corsair M55 RGB PRO Gaming Mouse

Unlike the few gaming mice we reviewed earlier, the M55 RGB PRO is an ambidextrous mouse, that works with both right-handed and left-handed users. It has a symmetrical design with two sets of buttons on each side. It weighs in at around 86 grams, and has dimensions of 124 mm x 57 mm x 40 mm (length x width x height).

The mouse is mostly constructed from plastic with the main body coated with a matte finish. The “Corsair” logo on the top is translucent to allow the RGB lighting to shine through. Three small and one large rubber feet are located at the bottom.

Corsair M55 RGB PRO Gaming Mouse

The primary left and right buttons use genuine Omron switches, rated for at least 50 millions clicks. There are another six other buttons, including the DPI switch and middle mouse button. All of them can be re-programmed in Corsair iCUE software. The scroll wheel is textured with hexagon pattern. Side buttons are completely identical on both sides.

The M55 RGB PRO comes with a braided non-removable USB cable, which has a length of 1.8 meters.

Corsair M55 RGB PRO Gaming Mouse

Both sides of the M55 RGB PRO are fitted with textured rubber pads to increase grip, which should help users to have better control of the mouse.



The Corsair M55 RGB PRO is geared with the Pixart PAW3327/PMW3327 optical sensor, which is a more mid-range sensor, compared to the more expensive and advanced PMW3389. It is capable of 12,400 DPI, 220 IPS and 30 G of acceleration. The mouse have an adjustable polling rate of up to 1000 Hz or 1 ms.

Corsair M55 RGB PRO Gaming Mouse

We measured the CPI/DPI divergences of the sensor using MouseTester v1.5.3. The differences were negligible under 2500 DPI, at around 2% to 6%. A 7.36% lower measured value could be seen at 12400 DPI, which was the largest among the the five levels.

Corsair M55 RGB PRO Gaming Mouse

The polling rate did fluctuate a bit more than the more high-end sensors we tested, but is stable enough to not cause any significant problems during use.

I usually set the M55 RGB PRO at around 1300 DPI, which the tracking is precise with no noticeable acceleration effect and jittering issue. Snapping the mouse to targets in games is an easy task. The mouse should work fine in any games.

User Experience

The design of the M55 RGB PRO is focused on symmetry for both right-handed and left-handed users. The flatter and shorter shape of the mouse is comfortable enough without creating stress point, but it does not fit me as well as the Pulsefire FPS Pro (its review here) and the G603 (its review here). Its weight of 88 grams excluding the cable and 117 grams including the cable in our own scale makes it an ease to move the mouse around.

It is awesome that Corsair decided to equip a budget-friendly mouse with 50 million clicks-rated genuine Omron switches on the primary buttons for some additional durability. The scroll wheel has clearly defined steps for fine scrolling. The build quality of the mouse is excellent with nice materials and solid assembly.


Corsair M55 RGB PRO Gaming Mouse

Although the M55 RGB PRO is a relatively affordable mouse in Corsair’s lineup, it is still iCUE-compatible. Being one of the most feature-packed and mature peripheral software in the market, the iCUE software feels responsive and well-laid out.

You can set up custom macros for MMORPG games in multiple profiles, as well as re-program all the eight buttons to perform different functions than the default. The DPI controls are intuitive and very customizable. You can set DPI level in a X interval, and assign a corresponding color.

By default, the right side buttons are disabled to prevent users’ accidental presses. In the settings menu, you can enable left-handed mode or all side buttons, as well as changing the polling rate. Updating the mouse’s firmware is also done on the same page. The mouse can store a profile to its onboard memory, and work on computers without the iCUE software.

The only major problem of the iCUE software is its really large file/installer size, ours at over 800 MB. You would need to ensure enough space is available in your computer.

RGB Lighting

Corsair M55 RGB PRO Gaming Mouse

To control the RGB-illuminated Corsair logo, you will need to use the iCUE software. A total of 17 lighting effects are pre-loaded, such as rainbow, static and wave. You can also adjust the effects’ speed and colors.

The RGB lighting on the M55 RGB PRO has vibrant colors and smooth transitions between effects.


Unboxing Treatment Recommendation

The Corsair M55 RGB PRO can be everyone’s mouse, because of its ambidextrous and symmetric design. Build quality is solid. It is nice to see Corsair implemented more durable switches (50 million clicks vs 20 million clicks) and RGB lighting into a budget mouse. Tracking is great with no unwanted acceleration and jitters at normal DPI configuration.

The iCUE software is simple enough to use, but it demands quite a lot of system resources to keep it running. You can customize the mouse as the way you want, including macros and DPI levels. The RGB lighting of the M55 RGB PRO is bright and vivid with loads of built-in effects.

The M55 RGB PRO is priced at $39.99 USD (MSRP) along with a 2-year warranty, but is discounted to only $29.99 USD at the time of this review. At this price, it is kind of tough to find a RGB-enabled ambidextrous mouse from a well-known brand. If you find the shape, design and features of the M55 RGB PRO fit your requirements, then go get one now. You would not be disappointed.

You can purchase the mouse from your local/online resellers or the links below from Amazon or Newegg.

Thanks Corsair for providing us the mouse for review. (Review Sample)

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unboxing-and-review-of-corsair-m55-rgb-pro-gaming-mouseThe Corsair M55 RGB PRO is an ambidextrous mouse suitable for both right-handed and left-handed users. Its mid-tier Pixart PMW3327 sensor provides decent performance as a gaming mouse. The inclusion of RGB lighting and 50 million clicks-rated Omron switches makes it a compelling mouse to purchase.


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