Unboxing and Review of Xtrfy GP4 Mouse Pad

Xtrfy GP4 Mouse Pad

The GP4 is the 4th generation mouse pad from Xtrfy, which is part of their Project 4 lineup. Xtrfy had sent two of them to us, alongside the M4 RGB gaming mice (its review here). Let’s take a look.


Xtrfy GP4 Mouse Pad

The Xtrfy GP4 mouse pad can be chosen to have five colors/patterns. Our sample units are in Street Blue and Abstract Retro. The color scheme of the packaging will be different to reflect the particular design.

Xtrfy GP4 Mouse Pad

The mouse pad is rolled into a long cardboard box for easier shipping and handling. You can see the selected design, its dimensions and some brief description on the sides of the box.

Xtrfy GP4 Mouse Pad

Xtrfy GP4 Mouse Pad

The GP4 is a large mouse pad, that has a length of 460 mm and a width of 400 mm. The paintings on the surface is created by a Swedish Artist, named Kim Berkhuizen. They are based on the original colorways from Xtrfy’s gaming peripherals. The Xtrfy logo is small and located on the top right corner.

Xtrfy GP4 Mouse Pad

The GP4 mouse pad is 4 mm thick, with nice color-matching stitching on all edges.

Xtrfy GP4 Mouse Pad

The gliding surface is made out of cloth fiber, interweaved together. It offers slightly more resistance than hard surface pad, which may be better for continuous mouse tracking than sudden flicking. The mouse pad can be put into a washing machine, if dust and dirt accumulate over time.

Xtrfy GP4 Mouse Pad

The whole bottom of the mouse pad is covered with anti-slip rubber, preventing it from sliding on the desk.


Unboxing Treatment Recommendation

The Xtrfy GP4 is a great cloth mouse pad with very unique painting designs. The tracking surface and stitched edges are solidly-constructed, which should be durable enough to survive a couple years of intensive use. From my experience, tracking is smooth and accurate without anomalies, using the Xtrfy M4 and HyperX Pulsefire Raid gaming mouse. Both are equipped with the Pixart PMW3389 optical sensor. We are hoping to implement more objective methods into mouse pad’s reviews, which we will surely update the articles in the future.

The GP4 mouse pad costs from $29 USD to $35 USD (MSRP), depending on the designs. It is a bit on the expensive side, when compared to similar-sized mouse pads in the market. For example, the popular SteelSeries QcK series is priced around $14.99 USD to $24.99 USD with different sizes and thickness. That said, it is rare to see beautiful graffiti-like art style on mouse pads, which is incorporated well with the GP4.

You can purchase the mouse pad from your local/online resellers.

Thanks Xtrfy for providing us the mouse pad for review. (Review Sample)

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