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How to Disable Google Chrome Reading List Feature

"Reading List" is a new feature on Google Chrome, that allows users to save links into a separate list (different from bookmarks) to visit/read...

Microsoft Chromium-Based Edge Browser Beta Performance Review

Microsoft announced to switch its default Edge browser to use the Chromium engine in December 2018, instead of the proprietary EdgeHTML. Unlike the original...

Microsoft Releases Chromium-Based Edge Browser Preview Builds to Public

In December 2018, Microsoft announced that it will switch to Chromium engine for the Edge web browser, instead of the proprietary EdgeHTML. Early build...

How to Enable Google Chrome Dark Mode on macOS

Google releases the Chrome version 73 to the public on 12 March, which is the latest edition of this popular browser. One of the...

Google Chrome Version 73 Adds Support to Dark Mode for macOS

It has been rumored that Google will be adding a dark mode to its Chrome browser earlier this year, which is an ongoing trend...

Google Chrome Is Going to Get The Biggest UI Redesign in Years

Google has been actively pushing its Material UI Design to most of the services/products, such as Android OS and Gmail. Google Chrome's overall design...

How to Make Google Chrome on Android Suitable for One-Handed Use

Update: In the latest Google Chrome update, this setting is removed from the "chrome://flags" options. You can no longer put the address bar to...

Over 37,000 People Installed The Fake AdBlock Plus Google Chrome Extension

Ad blocking software or browser extensions are popular among tons of people to stop annoying advertisements on websites. AdBlock Plus is one of the...

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