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Android Devices Private DNS

How to Enable Private DNS on Android Devices

DNS (Domain Name System) plays a vital part in the network infrastructure, that is responsible for translating domain names (e.g. UnbxTech.com) into IP addresses....

Unboxing and Review of TRENDnet TEG-25GECTX 2.5G Network Interface Card

Consumer network speed has been stayed at "only" 1 Gbps for quite some time. Although 10 Gbps network interface cards (NIC) are becoming more...

Ubiquiti Releases New AmpliFi Alien Router, with Support for Wi-Fi 6

Ubiquiti has released a new Wi-Fi router, named the AmpliFi Alien. It is the first Wi-Fi 6-capable device from the company, and costs $379...

Unboxing and Review of Ubiquiti UniFi AP AC Lite WiFi Access Point

Along with the EdgeRouter X, I also purchased the UniFi AP AC Lite from Ubiquiti Networks to upgrade the old Wi-Fi network at home....

Unboxing of Linksys LGS105 Desktop Gigabit Ethernet Switch

If your existing router does not have enough free ports, but you still want to connect extra devices via Ethernet. This means you will...

Netgear Debuts New Wi-Fi 6 Compatible Nighthawk Router for $599.99 USD

802.11ax or Wi-Fi 6 standard is slowly supported by mainstream manufacturers to provide next generation wireless network performance over existing 802.11 ac (Wi-Fi 5),...

Unboxing of Ubiquiti Networks EdgeRouter X Gigabit Ethernet Router

Ubiquiti Networks is a well-established technology company, which sells mainly high-end or enterprise-grade network equipment. The products are known for their great reliability and...

How to Reset Your Router or Access Point

Sometimes it may be necessary to reset your home router/access point, when you misconfigure the settings, forget the administrator password, or want to re-purpose...

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