Apple Discontinued The iPod Nano and iPod Shuffle after 12 Years

Apple discontiuned iPod Nano and iPod Shuffle
Photo from Apple

Today, you can no longer find the respective product page for the Apple iPod Nano and iPod Shuffle. Apple terminated the sales of both products, which is the second time in the iPod lineup after the iPod Classic. Currently, there is only the 6th Generation iPod Touch left, with updated storage option and price.

Both the iPod Nano and iPod Shuffle were launched in 2015. They were designed to solely play music in people’s pockets. They once were the icons of MP3 music players in the market, due to their tiny sizes but large storage. However, after the iPhone was launched and more smartphones emerged, iPods’ single-purpose designs make them harder to sell.

There are total 7 generations for the iPod Nano. They all have a small display on top, up to 2.5 inches. For the 1st to 5th Generation, users navigate through menus by using the Click Wheel. The 6th and 7th Generation Nano get a Multi-Touch display. The iPod Nano can have up to 16GB of storage.

Only 4 generations were announced for the iPod Shuffle. No display is equipped for all generations. Most of them have a control pad for performing basic music playing functions, except for the 3rd Generation. The iPod shuffle can get up to 4GB of storage.

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You will now be redirected to the Apple Music page if you click the two iPods’ product pages. The 6th Generation iPod Touch is limited to two storage options, 32GB and 128GB. They are priced at $199 USD and $299 USD respectively.

You can still purchase the iPods online or other local electronic stores.

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