Amazon Released 6 New Devices at Once, All Are Alexa-Related

Amazon released 6 new Alexa Devices
Photo from Amazon

The developments of virtual assistants and smart home appliances sky-rocket in the past few years. Multiple international tech companies have stepped into this market, such as Apple Siri, Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. The capabilities of the assistants improve by a large margin, as well as the prices of the compatible gadgets. Today (27 September), Amazon launches six new Alexa-related devices, and at relatively low prices.


All-new Echo

Amazon all-new Echo
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Amazon has updated the first generation Echo with a new shorter design. It is equipped with a 2.5- inch woofer and a 0.6-inch tweeter speaker system, which is powered by Dolby. Just like before, the new Echo also has far-field 7-microphone array to listen for users’ commands across the room. You can choose up to 6 fabrics or finishes for the 2nd generation Echo, like walnut and oak.

Echo Plus

Amazon Echo Plus
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The Echo Plus has a lot of similarity with its brother, Echo. Both of them can listen to commands with Alexa and have the far-field 7-microphone array. The Echo Plus is slightly taller, with a larger 0.8-inch tweeter. The most important upgrade of the Echo Plus is the ability to act as a smart home appliances’ hub. You can simply ask Alexa to discover new compatible devices in your network and complete the setup. Echo Plus comes with three color options, black, silver, and white.

Echo Spot

Amazon Echo Spot
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The Echo Spot looks like a miniature version of the Echo Show. It is a compact nightstand/alarm like device. A circular 2.5-inch display and a 1.4-inch speaker are equipped, along with a 4-microphone array. You can use the Echo Spot for video calls with the included front-facing camera. You can choose colors between black and white for the Echo Spot.

All-New Fire TV

Amazon All-New Fire TV
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Amazon also updated their Fire TV to better support higher resolution content. The new Fire TV can now support both 4K Ultra HD at 60 fps, High Dynamic Range (HDR-10) and Dolby Atmos Audio for better color, contrast and sound. The included Alexa remote can be used to search online content and control playbacks by voice.

Echo Connect

Amazon Echo Connect
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To use the Echo Connect, you will need a compatible Echo device and a home phone. The Echo Connect let your Echo device to receive the home phone’s calls. You can use your voice to make and receive any calls.

Echo Buttons

Amazon Echo Buttons
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It is an Alexa gadget, that allows you to play games with the Echo devices. The button can light up and respond after someone press it.

The new Echo and Echo Plus will be released on 31 October or 8 November; The Echo Spot will be on 19 December; The Echo Connect will be on 13 December; The Fire TV will on 25 October. All of the above devices can be pre-ordered now on Amazon. No expected pre-order and release date for the Echo Buttons.

After this huge products launch, there are now eight different Echo devices and a few Alexa compatible devices. Amazon has invested a lot of work into developing their virtual assistant and smart home appliances.

Source from Amazon.

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