Amazon Monthly Prime Membership Price Is Now Increased to $12.99 USD

Amazon Monthly Prime Membership
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You would probably know what an Amazon Prime membership is, if you have ever tried shopping on Amazon. Joining Amazon Prime will offer you quite a lot of exclusive member benefits. Customers can choose to pay the membership fee in either a monthly or yearly basis. Now, Amazon is going to raise the monthly price from $10.99 USD to $12.99 USD.

What you get from a Prime membership?

  • Free and fast shipping
  • Access to thousands of music, movies and TV series
  • Exclusive shopping deals

If you are a Amazon Prime member, you will be able to have free two-day shipping or even one-day and same-day shipping on a lot of items. You can also watch popular movies and TV series using Prime Video.

The original monthly price of the membership was at $10.99 USD, which the total cost for a year is $131.88 USD. Compare to the $99 USD annual plan, it costs 33.2% more (+$32.88 USD), but it does not require you to pay the whole year upfront. Currently, the monthly price is raised to $12.99 USD, which is 18.2% more expensive per month, and costs $155.88 USD a year. Paying the fee monthly will be 57.5% (+$56.88 USD) more than the annual plan.

This price change will make the $99 USD annual plan more reasonable and much cheaper than the monthly one. Both Prime membership plans provides the same amount of exclusive benefits, while you need to choose whether to commit to a year at first.

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