A New Retro Rangefinder Camera…USB Flash Drive Released by Canon

Canon IV SB rangefinder camera USB flash drive
Photos from Canon

It is quite common and popular for some of the electronics manufacturers to release a retro product, especially in the camera industry. The older 50s/60s design attract people to not only use the camera, but also to keep it as a precious collection. Recently, Canon finally decided to sell one of its retro rangefinder camera…as a expensive USB flash drive.


Save important photos and documents easily – and in style – with our camera-inspired USB device.

According to Canon, the drive is to honor the Canon IV SB rangefinder camera, originally introduced in 1952. It was the first 35 mm camera with electronic flash synchronization, and can support Leica lenses. It was a huge success for Canon, which about 35,000 of them are made.

The replica USB flash drive measures at approximately 2.8 inches x 1.4 inches x 1.4 inches, with a storage size of only 8GB. It is made of both plastic and metal. You can slide out the USB connector at the bottom. Although the drive looks pretty cool, it costs $79.99 USD (MSRP). You will not be able to justify the price with its storage space and performance, unless you are a big fan of the original Canon IV SB rangefinder camera.

There are tons of options for a cheap 8GB USB flash drive, as low as a few dollars.

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