“Dev.to” Allows Everyone to Browse Its Webpages in Unbelievable Speed

The loading time of a website determines how well it can attract more visitors. A slow website can drastically increase the motivation of users to leave the site. More than 50% of users expect websites to load within three seconds, stated in some surveys. There is a particular website (Dev.to) lately caught by the Internet, because of its impressive loading speed.

Dev.to is a website created in 2016, which is an online community for programmers in the world. Everyone can share their ideas, as well as helping others.

However, Dev.to is no ordinary website at all. Once you press enter after typing the URL, the whole webpage instantaneously shows up in less than one second. More surprisingly, not only the homepage that is fast, but also every webpage, internal link and photo will be loaded in a split second. Testing the website on Pingdom, it only took 174 ms to complete, which is more than ten times quicker than the average two to three seconds load time.

According to the founder, Ben Halpern, they put a lot of effort in making the Dev.to website load up faster. There are mainly two directions to work on, caching and reduction of render-blocking styles/scripts.

They use Content Delivery Network (CDN) to deliver the website’s content to your devices. In short, CDN is a network of servers located in different cities/countries. Instead of relying on the long connection to the host server, you will be connected to the nearest server depends on your location for the best and fastest performance.

Moreover, they limit the number of JavaScript and CSS running on the website. The site does not contain any jQuery or any JavaScript frameworks. Only small amount of appropriate JavaScript files will be called, whenever necessary.

You can check out why Dev.to can load this fast from two of their articles (1st and 2nd).

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