Intel Teams Up with AMD to Make New Core H-Series Processors for Notebooks

Intel-AMD New Core H-Series Processors
Photo from Intel

Big News! Intel announced its latest partnership with AMD to manufacture more powerful processors on 6 November. The two major chip makers are aiming to target their competitor, Nvidia, at the notebooks and small form-factor PC markets. The new Intel-AMD processors will be called the Core H-series, being a part of the 8th generation Core series product line.


New Intel Core Processor Combines High-Performance CPU with Custom Discrete Graphics from AMD to Enable Sleeker, Thinner Devices

The new processor will be implementing Intel’s new design and packaging technologies, enabling the over 50% reduction in silicon size. It will be consist of an Intel-made CPU and a internal AMD Radeon GPU, which is essentially combining each other’s advantages in their respective area. The chip is designed to run high-demand/intensive PC games, while maintaining or even slimming down the physical size of the machine (laptop).

The H-series processors will pair the semi-custom AMD GPU with second generation High Bandwidth Memory (HBM2) in a single package. New power sharing framework is also added to increase power efficiency and temperature control.

According to AMD, the new H-series processors are not directly competing with its recently launched Ryzen Mobile APUs. The Ryzen APUs are tailored for ultra-thin notebooks, that can have decent graphics/gaming performance without sacrificing the physical dimensions of the devices. They are powerful, but yet be able to handle more intensive games. And the Intel-AMD processors are aimed specifically for serious gaming performance in a slimmer package, but not ultra-thin.

We should see huge performance improvement in both ultra-thin and dedicated gaming notebooks. More competitions means more innovation incentives.

Intel teased that there will be more information in the first quarter of 2018. Check out Intel’s announcement at its website.

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