Twitter Finally Raises The Tweets’ Character Limit to 280

Twitter Tweets Character Limit to 280

Back in September 2017, Twitter tested the new 280-character limit tweets with a small group of people. You can find a workaround to use that feature, but it is not officially released, kind of in a “beta” stage. Now, Twitter is rolling out this update to the public globally, doubling the existing 140-character limit.


Our goal was to make this possible while ensuring we keep the speed and brevity that makes Twitter, Twitter.

The new character limit for tweets will be available in almost every language, except for three Asian languages: Chinese, Japanese and Korean. Because more meanings and ideas can be packed into a single character for those three specific languages.

According to Twitter’s blog post, about 9% of tweets in English hit the original 140-character limit in the past. However, with the new higher character limit, only 1% will hit the full 280 characters. Twitter believes this can help users to tweet their expression more easily, without the need of constantly editing or composing within the limit.

For people worrying about a more cluttered timeline when browsing, Twitter said only about 5% of the tweets were longer than 140 characters and 2% over 190 characters, during the previous testing period. The reading experience should not have a big difference, as tweets with image or poll already take up more space than 280-character tweets.

The limit indicator is also tweaked. Instead of showing the remaining character count, it is a circle ring which fills up when you type more characters.

You should be able to tweet with the new character limit right now.

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