Unboxing of Google Home Mini Smart Speaker

Google Home Mini Unboxing

Google announced both their latest generation Pixel 2 smartphones, and a number of Google Assistant enabled devices in October’s event (2017). Google is putting more effort in pushing its smart home accessories to the public. A budget-friendly smart speaker would greatly increase the user base, which is what the Google Home Mini is. Let’s unbox it.


Unboxing of Google Home MiniGoogle Home Mini has a plastic circle housing, with a diameter of 98 mm and height of 42 mm. It is available in three colors for the fabric top (Chalk, Charcoal and Coral). It has a 40 mm speaker that is firing upwards.


Unboxing of Google Home Mini

The Google Home Mini is packed inside a cardboard box, with the product name, one of its picture and the colored Google logo printed at the front. Another side of the box shows some of Google Home Mini’s supported services, such as Spotify, Netflix and YouTube.

Unboxing of Google Home Mini

Since Google Home Mini is a smart speaker, it has Google Assistant built-in. Some simple “Ok Google” commands are presented on the side of the package, as well as a link to the instruction page.

Google describes the Home Mini “small and mighty”, and further explains more features about it.

Unboxing of Google Home Mini

The whole package has no adhesive or tape to remove. There is a small pull tap at the bottom to help open the box.

Unboxing of Google Home Mini

Once the box is opened, the Google Home Mini is sitting in the center, on top of a plastic tray.

Unboxing of Google Home Mini

All the accessories and paperwork are hidden underneath the tray. You will have a quick start guide, a list of Google Assistant commands, as well as safety and warranty information. A non-detachable micro-USB cable and wall adapter is also included. The adapter can provide power at 5V, 1.8A.

Google Home MiniUnboxing of Google Home Mini

The top of the Google Home Mini is made of fabric. It feels soft and smooth to the hand when touching, also allowing the sound from the speaker to come through. There is two touch sensitive areas on both sides for volume control.

Unboxing of Google Home Mini

There is an anti-slip rubber pad at the bottom, in a contrasting coral (reddish orange). At the side, you will find the micro-USB power port and a physical mute button.

Unboxing of Google Home Mini

When you first plug the power into the Google Home Mini, it will prompt you to download the Google Home app on your iOS or Android devices. Follow the steps shown in the app to complete the set up process. It will only take about five minutes.

After that, you will be able to use your trained “Ok Google” or “Hey Google” voice to activate and control the Google Home Mini. When it is listening or responding to your requests, the four LEDs on the top will be lit up and flashed.

The Google Home Mini fills the gap of a budget smart speaker in Google’s lineup, while at the same time having the ability to do almost everything that a more expensive Google Home and Google Home Max can (with the expense of a 3.5 mm audio output port and better speaker units).

You can check out the Home Mini at Google Online Store.


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