Microsoft Is Testing The Use of Mobile Phone to Login on Windows 10 S

Microsoft Windows 10 S mobile phone login
Photo from Windows 10 S

A normal password is never the ideal way of protecting your accounts or hardware. You would need a strong, but hard-to-remember password. It is becoming more common to sign in to online services using our mobile phones for the added security and convenience. Now, Microsoft is trying to replace the “password” method with mobile phone for login in the latest Insider Preview Build (17093).


Passwords are inconvenient and insecure. With Windows 10 S you don’t have to!

According to Microsoft, this login method is only available on Windows 10 S PC currently. On this Windows S version (Build 17093), you can use this method by downloading the Microsoft Authenticator app. The app is compatible with both Android and iOS devices. You will not need to enter any passcode, after successfully setting up Windows Hello. Despite the traditional password’s inconvenience, it will still be one of the ways to sign in your computer, along with the already existing fingerprint and facial recognition.

This version of Insider Preview Build also includes other updates and improvements. You can manually delete Windows diagnostic data related to the device. There are better HDR support and security settings. For more information about it, you can visit Microsoft’s blog post.

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