Unboxing and Review of HyperX ChargePlay Base Qi Wireless Charger

HyperX ChargePlay Base Qi Wireless Charger

HyperX has released the ChargePlay Base Qi wireless charger. It is designed to be paired with the Pulsefire Dart mouse (its review here) and the upcoming Cloud Flight S headset. It can still charge two Qi-enabled devices simultaneously.


HyperX ChargePlay Base Qi Wireless Charger

You will immediately know who makes the ChargePlay Base by looking at the design of the packaging. The hard cardboard box sports the signature HyperX red and white color scheme. The key features of the charger are listed at the back in nine different languages, such as Qi-certified and 10-watt fast wireless charging.

HyperX ChargePlay Base Qi Wireless Charger

There is a HyperX support card and a quick start guide in the box. Apart from the AC adapter, a 1.8-meter non-braided USB Type-A to USB Type-C cable is also included.

HyperX ChargePlay Base Qi Wireless Charger

HyperX ChargePlay Base Qi Wireless Charger

The oval-shaped enclosure of the ChargePlay Base is made entirely from plastic with a rubberized surface on top. Dotted lines in the middle indicate where the two charging pads are located. Raised rubber strips can be found on the charging positions and the bottom to prevent your phones, wireless mouse, headset and the charger to slide on the desk.

HyperX ChargePlay Base Qi Wireless Charger

The USB Type-C port is located at the back, under the “Qi” logo. It will be used to provide all the necessary power to the wireless charging pads.

HyperX ChargePlay Base Qi Wireless Charger

The 24-watt USB power adapter has a model number of HNFCQC3024UU. It can accept input from 100V to 240V AC from the mains. It is capable of outputting either 5V/3A, 9V/2A or 12V/2A, which seems to be Quick Charge-compatible.


HyperX ChargePlay Base Qi Wireless Charger

One of the main features of the ChargePlay Base is the ability to simultaneously top up two devices’ batteries. The charger kind of supports fast wireless charging, with some caveats. Each charging pad can output up to 10 watts, but the total power will be limited to 15 watts when both pads are being occupied. 15 watts will be shared among the two devices.

HyperX ChargePlay Base Qi Wireless Charger

Next to each charging pad is a LED indicator for the charging status. When the devices are charging, the LED will remain solid red. When they are fully charged, the LED will switch off. If the LED is blinking red, it means an error has occurred. Oftentimes, re-positioning the devices on the charging pads or power on/off the wireless charger will fix the issue.


Unboxing Treatment Recommendation

For the most part, the HyperX ChargePlay Base is a decent Qi wireless charger, with solid build quality and helpful LED indicators. Being able to charge two devices wirelessly at the same time is a great addition and convenience. From our testings, the Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ and Pulsefire Dart mouse did not have any issue locating the correct positions on the charging pads. It would be even nicer if there is not the 15-watt total power limit.

The ChargePlay Base is priced at $59.99 USD (MSRP) with a 2-year warranty, but it is currently on sale at the time of this review at $49.99 USD. I think the it is slightly on the expensive side in the market, which you can find similar dual wireless chargers including an AC adapter at around $35 USD to $50 USD. However, most of them are pretty basic with no LED indicators and a shorter 12-month or 18-month warranty period.

You can purchase the wireless charger from your local/online resellers or the links below from Amazon.

Thanks HyperX for providing us the wireless charger for review. (Review Sample)

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