Unboxing and Review of Silicon Power Blast Plug BP82 Truly Wireless Earphones

Silicon Power Blast Plug BP82 Truly Wireless Earphones

Silicon Power is well-known for flash memory products and storage devices. But in this article, we are going to review the BP82, which is their second iteration of the Blast Plug series Bluetooth wireless earbuds.


Silicon Power Blast Plug BP82 Truly Wireless Earphones

The packaging of the BP82 is about the same size as a normal mouse. The front plastic window shows the actual earbuds and charging case. A specification list is printed on the back with information, like Bluetooth version and supported audio codec. You can also find the contact details of Silicon Power service centers globally.

Silicon Power Blast Plug BP82 Truly Wireless Earphones

Aside from the charging case and earbuds, two sets of differently-sized ear tips, user manual and a short USB Type-A to micro-USB cable as accessories.

Silicon Power Blast Plug BP82 Truly Wireless Earphones

Silicon Power Blast Plug BP82 Truly Wireless Earphones

The BP82 earbuds sport an in-ear design, which the ergonomic shape should offer better passive noise isolation with a tighter seal against the ear canals. The top glossy plastic houses the activity LED ring and the touch panel to control music/video playback. The bottom part has a matte finish and the two copper contact pads for charging. Each earbud weighs in at 4.6 grams, and carries a 40 mAh internal battery.

The LED ring will show red when charging; or remain/flash blue, depends on the condition of the Bluetooth connection.

Silicon Power Blast Plug BP82 Truly Wireless Earphones

Despite having two microphones on each earbud, the BP82 does not feature active noise-cancellation. They are used for voice calls only.

Silicon Power Blast Plug BP82 Truly Wireless Earphones

The flat pill-shaped charging case of the BP82 is made from matte plastic and has a 400 mAh battery inside, which should be able to top up the earbuds for around three to five times. The earbuds are secured by hidden magnets and charged via the golden metal pins.

Silicon Power Blast Plug BP82 Truly Wireless Earphones

Under the hinge is a micro-USB port for charging, instead of USB Type-C.



The Silicon Power BP82 is claimed to be water- and sweat-resistant, but there is no certified Ingress Protection (IP) rating. I would not recommend wearing the earbuds for swimming or in bath, though it should work fine in small rain and sweat.

The BP82 is fitted with capacitive touch button/panel on top of the earbud, which can be used to control playback and accept/reject phone calls. It avoids the problem we faced from the Creative Outlier Air (its review here) with stiff physical buttons. You can tap once on either sides to pause the music or videos, tap twice on right side to skip track; left side to reverse to previous track. However, it is not possible to summon your smart assistant on your phones, such as Apple Siri and Google Assistant. Accidental touch can sometimes occur, when adjusting the positions of the earbuds.

Sound Quality

Silicon Power does not reveal the size and type of the audio drivers. The BP82 supports AAC and SBC audio codecs. From my experience, the BP82 outputs acceptable sound for the size and price. The volume can get pretty loud with reasonable amount of bass. The instrument separation in songs is a bit too muddy for my taste. Lows and mids are okay, but highs and vocals seem to be too muffled.

Benefited from the in-ear design and multiple-sized ear tips, outside noise is isolated quite well.

Bluetooth Connectivity

It is surprised to see how newer technologies are quickly implemented to more budget-oriented devices. The BP82 is equipped with the latest Bluetooth 5.0 and is claimed to have around 10 meters of wireless range. I personally did not encounter any noticeable lag and latency issues, while watching YouTube videos. Connection between the two earbuds remains in sync all the time.

After pairing the BP82 the first time, it will automatically reconnect to the previous device, once it is taken out of the charging case. You can connect an individual earbud, if you want to use it on one side only.

Battery Life

The BP82 is advertised to last for 3.5 to 4.5 hours on a single charge. Although most wireless earphones in the market can reach upwards of 5 to 8 hours of battery life, the BP82 should be good enough for most users’ listening sessions. The case can fully charge the earbuds in about 1 hours.


Unboxing Treatment Recommendation

The Silicon Power BP82 creates decent enough sound in bass and mids for small earbuds, but lacks clear separation and definition of instruments, vocals and highs. It would be great to get the official certification for IP rating, though the necessary testing and approval fee may drive up the cost of the BP82. With Bluetooth 5.0, the wireless connection is rock solid with no sudden dropouts.

The BP82 costs around $30 USD to $40 USD (MSRP), depending on your regions. It is on sale for only $21.99 USD at the time of this review, which is an insanely cheap price for any pair of truly wireless earbuds.

You can purchase the earbuds from your local/online resellers or the links below from Amazon.

Thanks Silicon Power for providing us the earbuds for review. (Review Sample)

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