Unboxing and Review of SilverStone LS04 ARGB LED Strips

SilverStone LS04 ARGB LED Strips

The LS04 is the latest addressable-RGB LED strip from SilverStone, that incorporates the very unique dual-sided design. This new approach can allow for some creative lighting effects inside the PC cases.


SilverStone LS04 ARGB LED Strips

The front of the packaging highlights all the supported RGB control software for the SST-LS04, such as ASUS Aura Sync, GIGABYTE RGB Fusion 2.0 and Razer Chroma. Lists of features and specifications are printed at the back, as well as the required serial number and EAN/UPC/JAN barcodes.

SilverStone LS04 ARGB LED Strips

In each box, there are two LED strips and 30 cm extension cables. Six plastic mounting clips are also included, which are used to magnetically secure the strips to the metal panel of the chassis.

SilverStone LS04 ARGB LED Strips

SilverStone LS04 ARGB LED Strips

SilverStone has put forty individually addressable RGB LEDs across the LS04’s length of 450 mm. 2020 surface-mounted LEDs are used, which means a single LED module is 2 mm x 2 mm (square) in size. The LS04 is noticeably thicker than normal LED strips, with a rectangular-shaped shell. The two-sided diffusion layers let the light shine through both the front and the side, providing more flexibility for the strips’ install locations in the case.

SilverStone LS04 ARGB LED Strips

You can find a female or male 3-pin 5V addressable/digital RGB connector on the ends of the LS04 strip. They are required to plug into a compatible motherboard or controller for power and lighting adjustment. Multiple LED strips can be daisy-chained together, but the maximum number of LEDs will be limited by the controller.

Please be reminded that the lighting strips do not support the 4-pin 12V RGB connector and header. You will risk damaging the hardware, if incorrectly used.


SilverStone LS04 ARGB LED Strips

Installation for the LS04 strip is extremely easy with the included plastic mounting clips. There is no need to apply any adhesive to secure the LED strips in place, and will not leave sticky residues when removing them. The magnets work perfectly with steel case panels, but cannot function properly if they are made from acrylic, plastic and aluminium. You will have to revert back to traditional double-sided tape.

The internal circuit board and exterior rubber housing are flexible and can be bent/twisted to fit in tight spaces inside the PC case.

SilverStone LS04 ARGB LED Strips

Every LED is evenly spread along the strip, about 1 cm apart from each other. Lighting hot spots are minimal, only visible in brighter environment. The RGB lighting looks extraordinarily beautiful in the dark with vivid colors and smooth transitions. Depending on what software and controllers you use, the lighting effects will be slightly different. The LS04 strip shines more lights through the side than the front.


Unboxing Treatment Recommendation

The SilverStone LS04 adds some special flair to the LED strip with the dual-sided design, making it stand out from the crowded market. The addressable RGB lighting is diffused well, showing rich colors and fluid transitions. The magnetic mounting clips are useful and help simplify the installation process.

The unique construction and awesome-looking lighting of the LS04 come at a heavy price, which a single kit costs around $60 USD at the time of this review, along with a 1-year warranty. Thanks to the two included LED strips and their 450 mm length, purchasing one pack is already enough for a PC build. Similar ARGB lighting strips, such as Phanteks NEON and Corsair iCUE LS100, are on sale for $20 USD to $40 USD. But the LS04 has the edge on the number of LEDs per strip over the competitors (40 vs 28 vs 27), which also contributes to the more expensive price tag.

You can purchase the LED strips from your local/online resellers or the links below from Amazon.

Thanks SilverStone for providing us the LED strips for review. (Review Sample)

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